The Feature Of Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

- Jul 27, 2018-

the Feature of stone coated metal roof tiles:


1)metal roofing tile is Anti-rainstorm


The unique waterproof design of colorful stone coated steel roofing tile can prevent seepage when it rains heavily.


2)metal roof tile is Noise reducing


the stone chips on the surface can ruduce the rain noise by more than 20%.


3)stone chip coated roof tile is Anti-windstorm


Vertical connect and installation with horizontal nails can help the roofing system to withstand strong windstorm.


4) stone chip coated metal roof tile is Anti-uv ray


Multiple complex structure can cut off and anti uv rays to make the products more durable.


5) stone coated metal roof tile is Snow resistance


High stength metal base material and rough surface can bear the weight of snow on the roof and keep the snow from backfalling.


6)sthone coated metal roofing shingle is Earthquake resistance


The roofing system in the unique connect way is strong and light enough to withstand earthquake.



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