The Unique Advantages Of Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile With High Quality

- Aug 15, 2018-

the unique advantages of stone coated metal roof tile with high quality

1,Lightweight and strong

Weight per square meter is only one sixth of the traditional concrete or clay tiles. With the tiles fastened securely, it’s hard for the roof to collapse. Meanwhile, considerable savings can be realized under the lines of transportation, storage and installation.


Both zinc-aluminum and stone-chip coating are non-organic materials. They have credible and documented durability. The life span of tiles can be extended as long as 30 years.


Coverage of one piece is six times of traditional concrete or clay tiles and weight is only one sixth, thus installation, loading or unloading, storages are more efficient and effective. Once installed, the following maintenance costs are so limited and can be totally ignored.


Metal roof tiles are zinc-aluminum based and have high recyclable content, 90% and above of the tiles are recyclable at the end of a long economic life.

5,Aesthetically Pleasing

Extensive flexibility of colours and profiles provide various building design the perfect match.

6,Easy Installation

Due to their lightweight and installation friendly design, the tiles can be installed over wood and steel battens, any simple surfaces and structures.

7,Scientific Installation

Scientific, accurate interlocking system designs and professional installation guidance assure the installation processes can be carried out timely and more precisely.

8,Safety in installation

Perfect design reduces the time taken on the roof by the users considerably, and increase the safety level. Cuttings produce no dusts which usually occur with concrete and clay tiles.

9,Fire-wind-storm  Resistance

Both AL-Zinc steel and the stone chips are non-organic materials, they are natural and proved non-combustible.

10,Premium Performance in earthquake

Stone coated metal roofs are light and strong, they won’t easily cause damages to the understructures of the buildings in earthquakes.

11,Snow-resistance Weight bearing Anti-sliding

Stone coated metal roof is charicterised with snow-resistance, weight bearing and anti-sliding, and thus problems in the freezing areas can’t be worried.

12.Safety in lightening

There is no increase in the likelihood of being struck by lightening. In case the lightening does strike, the energy safely dissipates and exits into the ground.


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