stone coated roof tiles costs in El Salvador

stone coated roof tiles costs in El Salvador

Building Material Colorful Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile,solar Roof Panel,metal Roofing Tile Sheet Dalian New Sunlight Building Material Co., Ltd. (New Sunlight Building Material Co., Limited) is the first company which is specialized in researching, designing, manufacturing and exporting stone...

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stone coated roof tiles costs in El Salvador

Classic stone coated metal roof tiles 

Montserrat roof tiles .jpg

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Bond stone coated roofing sheet 

Shingle stone coated roofing 

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ClassicShingleWood shakeRomanRainbow
Overall length1335mm1150/1335mm1320mm1320mm1335mm1320mm
Overall width420mm420mm420mm420mm420mm420mm
Length of cover1080/1270mm1080/1270mm1260mm1270mm1260mm1260mm
Width of cover380mm380mm380mm380mm370mm370mm

Mainly color of stone coated metal roof tiles 

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Stone coated steel roofing 

Steel roofing offers the added benefit of protection from the elements such as wind and hail, and most stone coated steel roofs are able to withstand flame and fire. A regular asphalt roof would not be able to stand up in hurricane winds; many steel roofs can. Steel also does not fade in the sun from UV rays, and color does not dull. It can even reduce energy bills due to its ability to actually reflect UV rays. Steel roofs are also corrosion resistant and can ward off dimpling from hail damage.


New Sunlight Colour Stone Coated Steel Roofing Sheets


Reliable Quality

FROM the raw material preiod .......

TO every single produce step and strictly quality inspection.


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The same supplier with Decra Branch. 

For sixty years, the CL-ROCK LTD. of

Carlac Group has focused on a single business - the production of salter flakes and coloured mineral granules, and is now an established leader with unique experience in this field.

Rigorous selection of the rocks they use, high-technology production processes and continuous process control lead to products of outstanding,dependable quality to - a quality that has earned the Carlac Group recognition and appreciation in more that fifty countries.They exploit their deposits according to the strictest requirements,carefully selecting materials for their hardness,porosity and suitinuous computerised monitoring further ensures the reliability of each phase in the process. The key final colouring phase takes place at very high temperatures:the mineral components employed stabilies the matgerial,graranteeing colour-fastness and a finished product that meets even the toughest requirements.

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